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Teen and Adult Parties
Become A Believer after Mike's Show!

adults love mikes magic

Hi there! It's Mike here, I just wanted to tell you about this experience myself because it's one of my favorites.

Few things are more satisfying than seeing a jaded adult transformed into a smiling, laughing, real human being again!

I've worked in comedy clubs all over the U.S. and performed in Las Vegas and New Orleans for years. During which I've had the chance to work for people who are world travelers and have "seen it all...." ( I've even performed for engineers...these guys watch everything so closely that they forget to blink!)

But there's a great moment when they finally let their gaurd down and 'give in' to the fun...the moment they forget who they're suppose to be and just react like the big kids that we all are on the inside.

I love that moment, and I know they will too.

There are a few different ways this package can be put together:

  • Close up sieght of hand "warm up" set followed by a Stand up Comedy Club style show. 
  • Stand up show followed by a group Magic Lesson (Complete with magic gifts that they take home.) 
  • Themed Shows (Vegas Casino, Mardi Gras, Western, etc.) that can be customized to your event.  

 Contact me by Email or phone and we'll come up with the perfect package to make your event amazing! 


"I want to thank you for making Bob’s 38th Birthday one that he will always remember. You were hands down the highlight of the party. I was on a tight budget and I spent less on food & decor to have you there, and I am very glad I did. You are one funny dude!"

-Taulbee McJunkin, Birthday Wife 

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